Batcoin by is a Scam

I am writing this article because there is practically nothing online about Batcoin, so it seems right to inform potential scam victims (and I have the opportunity to do so professionally).

If I had read an article like this first, I would have avoided losing thousands of euros (for now, since there is a legal process underway).

Batcoin is an app that can only be downloaded from the website, and is not available in the Apple or Google stores.

Once downloaded, the app appears plausible; indeed, the charts and tables on the performance of various cryptocurrencies seem real.

To transfer money to them, you get an alphanumeric code from their support.

Then, by entering this code into platforms like Coinbase, you transfer cryptocurrency to them.

I will not elaborate on the various methods used to transfer as much money as possible to their platform, but will instead focus on the withdrawal phase (which is practically impossible).

They tell you that in order to withdraw, you must first complete the KCY form for identity verification.

So, in this way, they also come into possession of your home address, in addition to the information on your identity card (Information that allows them to transfer the money).

Once the KCY verification is complete, they tell you that in order to withdraw, you must first pay a 15% tax on the profit made (and they even call you a tax evader), while if your profit is under 50 K USDT, you don’t have to pay taxes.

I then make several losing transactions to get under 50 K USDT in profit, but withdrawals are still blocked.
Support now tells me that I have to pay taxes even under 50 K USDT of profit, and also on the money I deposited, because once deposited it becomes a financial investment (really absurd things).

So absolutely avoid it (even though there is little information about it), it’s a scam!